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We live in a connected, data driven world and your electronics do too. Haddow Electrical is able to assist with the installation, communication and fault finding of your connected control systems


A PLC is a type of a real-time industrial computer that has been ruggedized and is used for automation of typically electromechanical industrial processes, machinery, and equipment. PLC’s automatically control processes of any factory or industrial plant, assembly lines, amusement parks, Water Treatment facilities, Mining and mineral processing, power systems, light fixtures, lighting systems and more.

Today, PLC's see an increased presence across many different industries, domains, and machinery and it is inherent to the working of SCADA.

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The principal functions of SCADA include data acquisition, data visualisation, network and system data communication, data historisation/organization, alarm management and supervisory control.

SCADA systems provide you real-time access to your process 24/7 and provide data exporting functions which deliver actionable intelligence for critical decision making and report generating.

SCADA is a basic computer which can allow your process in real time to be viewed anywhere in the world.


This computer system gathers, collects, and analyzes real-time data. By doing this, monitoring and control services of equipment and devices in any factory or industrial plant are achievable. SCADA is widely used in power automation, telecommunications, transportation, water, energy, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas refining industries.

So, if you are looking for PLC programming or some more information about these services in Perth, Haddow Electrical is here for you