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Industrial Electrical Services

From large industrial workshops to isolated electrical installations outdoors, we install, service and manage all types of industrial electrical systems.

“The unit of measurement in this industry is time”

Making time, saving time and downtime are all measures of a profitable workshop. Countless occasions go by where we see companies putting up with unsolved issues that can improve their business.

Commonly we experience workshops doing without because they feel the task at hand is too complex for a new company to come in and assess there having to wait too long for their incumbent trades,  are you of the belief that only someone who has been there before can do it, not so!

If your company can be more productive in a week times that by fifty-two…  If you have been holding off or putting up with services not running the way you need them to be why don’t you do something productive about it?

Haddow Electrical is your partner in the process to save time and can assist with regards to;

  • Larger machinery supplies.
  • Automation of process
  • Robotics
  • Process improvement and updates
  • Relocation of equipment.
  • Increased power demands.
  • Capital and asset upgrades.
  • Factory relocation.
  • Software upgrades and integration
  • Preventative care.
  • Reduced downtime risk.
  • Meeting your company obligations.
  • Providing a safe workplace.
  • Fault finding and conditioning.
  • Task-specific lighting.
  • Building lighting levels.
  • Exit and emergency lighting.
  • Safe workplace environments.
  • Upgrading lighting to recommended lighting levels.
  • Energy-efficient options.

Haddow Electrical is committed to ensuring that your industrial process is running to its maximum efficiency.

15+ Years Of Electrical Expertise

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